A downloadable game

Bird With Toes, a.k.a. That Team, is going to TOJam 11.

The Concept

Combining procedural generation and bullet hell this project will surely be madness. Perfect for a jam game. Be ready for more changes and improvements up to arcade day.

There WILL be Consequences

Your actions in each level will affect what you see in the next. Pick on one enemy too much any you may find it out for your blood in the next round.


May 12, 2016 - Keyboard and mouse

  • Keyboard and mouse controls now work properly

May 10, 2016 - What we wanted to submit originally

  • Fixed being able to walk out of the game arena
  • Everything explodes on death
  • Bombs now kill enemies as well as bullets
  • Levels are much smaller, no more taking forever to find enemies or the boss and no more dead time.
  • The red dot has been replaced with an arrow labelled "BOSS"
  • Bombing and guarding have effects
  • Fixed up music playback.
  • Lots of small things

How it went originally

We were not entirely satisfied with this one. Pattern generation is very crude and unbalanced, there were also some egregious bugs in the original submission. It also only worked for use with the XBox 360 controller. But we ran out of time so that's what we got. It's getting better.


TOJam11.zip 43 MB