First Patch Released Early!

Since it seems that Alien Survivors is going to show at the TOJam Minicade on the TOJam Twitch channel which is starting tomorrow, May 18th, I decided to release the most important fixes early.  This mostly fixes bugs but also makes some balance improvements too

This is what is fixed!

  • Fruit Aliens have been nerfed
  • Falling through the floor (only happened once in my testing) should be impossible now
  • Level has a ceiling
  • Multiple bugs in the level up RNG have been fixed
  • Added in missing sound effects for Molotov, UFG stabbing attack and some other stuff
  • Bullets now make sparks on hitting walls
  • Pistol has been buffed slightly
  • Weapon upgrade passives have been buffed slightly

This is what is NOT fixed!

  • In-game Credits and Instructions (you'll have to use the Itch page for now)
  • Show item cooldowns on the HUD
  • Frames around item slots on the HUD
  • Make certain items more common in RNG
  • Make shots react to hitting enemies
  • An actual ending

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May 18, 2022

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