Post Arcade Event Updates

Major updates to Explosive Summit Scale today!

What's changed:

  • BUILDINGS! The map is far less empty now.
  • Baked lighting (which is why the game is huge now)
  • Updated artwork for the terrain so the style is consistent
  • Improved terrain shader to eliminate stretched textures on steep cliffs
  • Adjusted the behavior of the explosives so they boost harder more reliably
  • Replaced fog effects to improve performance on low end hardware
  • Added countdown to start each attempt at climbing the mountain
  • Car tires now squeal when in a skid
  • Made sound when passing a checkpoint more noticeable
  • Various tweaks to the map design to keep the player on the road more
  • Some performance enhancements
  • Upgraded to Unity 2018.1

This marks the final update to the game. We were hoping to get this done before the TOJam arcade at TMAC but ran into some nasty shader bugs.

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Oct 16, 2018

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