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Nobody knows how THEY got here. All you know is THEY are out of control and need to be stopped. Grab your trusty shotgun and stop THEM with extreme prejudice.

Created in a few weeks for the K-W One Month Long Game Jam.


Shoot THEM with your shotgun. Chain kills to score bonus points.

Mouse & Keybooard

  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • WASD to move

XBox 360 Controller

  • Move with the left stick
  • Aim with the right stick
  • Triggers shoot


  • Programming Design and Art - Dan Soeder
  • Music - Steven 'Tofski' Kun
  • Voice Lines - Jimbo#1444

Additional Assets

  • Rewired Input by Guavaman Enterprises
  • Samples from Soniss GDC sound effect bundles
  • Samples from freesound.org
  • Songs from freemusicarchive.org
    • Hobotek - Back to Attack (Analogue Action)
    • Bruce Lee - Happy Pitbul
  • Fonts
    • DeathRattle BB by Blambot
    • Peinture Fraiche by QKila

Known Issues

  • Walls don't stop bullets in one of the levels
  • Only tested with KB/M and XBox 360 controller. Other controllers not guaranteed to work well

Install instructions

Download the ZIP file and extract it wherever you want to install the game.

To play run Stop Them.exe


Stop Them.zip 33 MB

Development log

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