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An accident has left Saul marooned on an unfamiliar planet. Explore a strange and hostile world, fight dangerous monsters, collect upgrades, and find a way for Saul to escape back home.

Made for the KW Game-dev Month Long Game Jam.

Keyboard Controls:

  • Arrow Keys - Movement
  • Z - Jump/Air dash
  • X - Shoot
  • A/D - Aim diagonally
  • ESC - Pause

X-Box 360 Gamepad controls:

  • Left Stick/D-Pad - Movement
  • A - Jump/Air dash
  • X - Shoot
  • Shoulder buttons - Aim diagonally
  • Start - Pause

Mappings have been set up for other controllers but are untested.


  • Lead Programmer - Dan Soeder
  • Level Design - Dan Soeder and Steven 'Chris' Kun
  • Additional Programming - Steven 'Chris' Kun
  • Music - Steven 'Chris' Kun
  • Title Music - Andrew Farnsworth
  • Sounds - Dan Soeder and Steven 'Chris' Kun
  • Main Character Design - Logan Soeder
  • Environmental and Enemy Art - Dan Soeder

Assets Used:

Install instructions

  1. To install: Download the ZIP file
  2. Extract the T-SOL folder to wherever you prefer
  3. Open the folder and run T-SOL.exe
  4. Have fun!


T-SOL.zip 43 MB

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